My memory flows in sounds, shapes, colors and textures that merge in endless variations to capture the beauty of a moment. Artistic love and inner creativity are the responses to our senses, which see, feel and experience the world around us.

Whether it is my voice, my body, or my inner being, that takes shape in the art of theatre, dance, music, paint or poetry, I’ve been in constant expression of my creative soul as long as I can remember. Design flows through me into my space, and through my hands as a painting comes alive or as a piece of jewelry unfolds for the body that it adorns.

Gratitude energizes my breath as I cherish my experiences that have molded me.

My journey as an actress, singer, dancer, teacher and TV-host, have been gems to learn from and have given me ways to express my beauty and love for art and this world.

The Swedish natural countryside cultivated a vibrant imagination. As a kid I remember the change of seasons and how Mother Earth taught me to flow and connect with my free spirit. She continues to strengthen my will every day. Today I paint my nails, put on lipstick and eye shadow with the same childish play that I did in kindergarten.

Acceptance of the inner spirit reveals pure freedom that shows truth in contradictions. We become innocent like kids in summer swimming naked. We’re always just kids with different dresses, different places and we’re always free to travel the world around us, or the world within.

Thank you for being here!

Desirée Rosborg