Welcome to my world of spiritual work, art and magical divination tools.

My name is Desirée Rosborg and I’m a starseed heARTist and light alchemist based in Sweden…

For as long as I can remember, my creative spirit has guided me through lifetimes of magick and wonder

and this space is where I share the wisdom, insights, inspiration and medicine accumulated along the way.

I welcome you to intuitively browse this realm and see what calls you!


There's a shop with selected crystals, private 1:1-sessions,

as well as mini-courses and original art pieces made by yours truly.

Everything on here is meant to serve your authenticity and unique flavor,

as you attune to the heART of heARTs within.


Intiuition is my virtue and everyday I am energized by its infinite ebb and flow.

My wish is to invite you to remember that flow from source within you too,

as you embody your soul's desires in this lifetime.

Thank you for being here!